Your Week Ahead: We are all time-travellers because we are all travelling through time. We are, though, all travelling at the same speed – and in the same direction. Sharp angles to your ruler now, from the Sun and Mars, suggest that though you cannot change events that have already taken place, you can have a powerful impact on a future that’s still to unfold. The key to changing tomorrow is to go back to yesterday – reviewing and re-evaluating, your relationship with a formative experience. See that differently and you’ll set yourself free from a problem!

Good fortune often seems to be just like the tide. It rolls into a person’s life, then it rolls right back out again. Naturally enough, we all prefer life, when the tide is ‘in’ – but there are some things you can only do successfully when that tide is out. Like using a spade to dig little pools and gullies for example. You have done your best, recently, to cope with a prolonged, dry phase. Soon, though, wherever there’s a gap, it will be filled. Now’s not the time then to be meeting a need with whatever will fit the space. It’s the time to be creating the right spaces and trusting that good things will come into them.


I’ve had the most AMAZING Easter break. I went up to Peterborough with my good friend whose sister owns a house there. Three hours from Melbourne .. it may as well be another world away. It’s dairy country, incredibly green and the air is almost drug-like. Being there, I immediately feel relaxed and at ease.

We hardly stopped with the activities, but the pace was our own. We visited the local pub to watch a band, visited the craft markets, went on early morning beach walks with the pup each day, visited Warrnambool – a nearby major town centre, had coffee at the distillery and visited all the local beach site lookouts. I fell in love with Warrnambool. As soon as we drove in, I could see myself living there.

I saw Thor last night with another friend. In 3D! I haven’t seen a 3D movie in the longest time .. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The movie itself was pretty good – nothing to rave about, but enjoyable for the special effects and most importantly, the beefcake in the form of Australian boy (Melbourne, even!), Chris Hemsworth :p

It feels unnatural being back here and thinking about work tomorrow. I suppose everyone feels that way after a lovely break :)

So what’s new, huh? Funny you should ask! It feels like everything has changed since I last wrote.

The most present change is that my cousin has moved into my house. She was unable to remain living where she was (with her partner, more specifically) and she needed a home urgently. I live with my kitties in a large, 3 bedroom home and so there it was. I’m not going to paint it up all pretty – I’m not entirely comfortable with the arrangement. I think I’ve lived too long on my own. But as I said to my sister, who thinks I’m being unreasonable, I choose to live on my own. I pay for myself and my lifestyle on my own. I’m happy to offer my home as “emergency accommodation” but I don’t want to live with someone on a permanent basis.

On a happier note, I reconnected with a high school friend a week or so ago and found what I think is going to be an important person in my life, in her husband. He’s a psychic and a Kabbalah scholar. The long and the short of it is, he wants to mentor me. He said that he sees a powerful psychic in me. Me! It’s been an amazing couple of weeks, to say the least. I look forward to what comes.

I tend to put off writing here because I want to give it a decent amount of time and by the time I’m ready to write of a night, I don’t have a “decent” amount. Which is silly. I am easily distracted is part of the problem. Plus, writing means I have to think about my life. For the most part, it’s not enjoyable.

Hm. How pathetic was that statement?!

There was good news on the work front this week. My boss has been seconded! I have 2.5 months of (relative) freedom. I feel like a weight has been lifted.

Speaking of weight, I’ve not had another check-up, so I’m not sure how much more I’ve lost. Not much, I think. My eating has been less than stellar these past 2 weeks. But I’m back on it. Gym, as usual, is going well. Loving it. I’m seriously contemplating the weekly PT session.

I was on a training course last Thursday and Friday – absolutely LOVED it! Which doesn’t happen often when it comes to work training situations :) D*eep D*emocracy (asterisked so I don’t get any search engine hits). The term is a methodology developed to foster a deeper level of dialogue and inclusivity enabling facilitators to work with multiple levels of awarenesses. It provides a toolkit to enable the facilitation of the exchange of ideas and instead surfaces values, beliefs, and attitudes. It was held at the Abbostford Convent, which is a gorgeous place and to top it off, we had two glorious Melbourne Spring days! The group and facilitators were so lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed my time.

I want to write about the day with Brian Weiss, but not tonight. Needless to say, I had a fantastic day. More on that to come.

Right now, it’s off to bed. Friday tomorrow. Blessed Friday, the day that begins the weekend. Friday night would have to be my absolute favourite time of the week. I made contact with a high school friend who is now married to a psychic! He’s from Turkey – I’m not sure what his English is like, but I had been meaning to check him out. So that’s tomorrow night! I hope he has lovely, kind things to tell me.


What comes next? You’ve got an idea, but you have not got a plan or, at least, not one that involves much more than a tentative step into unknown territory. You want a map, a schedule or a frame of reference. How, though, can you create such a thing until you have first wandered around for a while? Much of the tension you have been experiencing over the last few weeks will ease up soon. It will then be possible to be much more decisive. But if you make your mind up too swiftly, you may rule out a potentially useful, even ideal, option through an unfounded fear or prejudice.

Almond milk

1. fill a measuring cup with organic raw almonds.
2. blanche them for about three minutes to loosen the skins.
3. drain them and then spread them on a cookie sheet to cool.
4. once cool, pop them out of their skins.
5. throw the almonds into a blender – fill to the 6 cup mark with filtered water.
6. blend them on high.
7. strain the mixture through a doubled piece of cheesecloth OR use a jelly bag.
8. presto! almond milk.

The pulp left in the cheesecloth can be used as a facial mask/scrub – just add some sweet freedom and you’re away!

Dot Points:

The question is not “whats the meaning of life” but “Whats the meaning of YOUR LIFE” – Unknown

I like that :)

My friend’s 30th tonight – lots of fun, but an early one as I’m up early tomorrow morning for the Brian Weiss workshop. I’m SO excited!

Every cell in my body is aching due to a personal trainer session this morning .. hurts so good.

Daylight savings ends tonight (boooo) ..

I’ve been playing ‘words with friends’ with a particular person for the last couple of days. We talk crap back and forth, so we just keep re-matching. He’s hilarious and I thoroughly enjoy talking to him. Also, i whip his arse, game-wise. Annnnyway, he asked me to send a photo of myself so he can see who he’s playing .. I did. And then he sent a photo of himself ….
He’s hot. Damn hot!!!! The pose was so hot, it makes my eyes water.
Words with friends just got funner :p

Jesus, Joseph & Mary, that was the week from hell :( I’m not going to give it any more power by rehashing it. Suffice it to say, my immediate workplace is toxic. Not news.

The horoscope for this week is hilarious, given the sitch. I REALLY like Part II:

Your Week Ahead: Exasperated? Of course you are. Just look at what (and who) you’ve got to deal with. It’s enough to test anyone’s patience. Why are you in such a compromising position? Perhaps because you need to look more closely at your own reluctance to compromise. You have very high standards. You hate having to settle for anything less than the best. There is nothing wrong with this – apart from the fact that, sometimes, it prevents you from being realistic. Certain people won’t ever change. Certain situations will change, but not in a hurry. This week, make the most of whatever you can’t yet alter.

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: Take your shoes off. You don’t need them now. Symbolically speaking, that is. It is safe for you to ‘travel barefoot’. You don’t need protection or elevation, you can feel free to walk through the world in a simple state of sincerity and can expect to be respected and protected. Indeed, you will do better approaching all your problems in this way than wading into them wearing armour. It is not force that’s needed; it is the opposite. Sensitivity. Show some. Share some. Even if you aren’t getting any back from elsewhere, it doesn’t matter. Somehow, your kindness will win whatever is needed.

On a happier note, today was XANADU!! I really had to get over that they were taking the absolute piss out of my favourite movie .. but once I did, I giggled my way through the rest of the show. Lots of music, colour and rollerskates. Awesome!

Three good stuffs:
1. I’ll be picking up my car this week, all things going according to plan. Yay! I am so grateful to have use of my sister’s old car, but I’ll be so pleased to have my striped baby back.
2. Next weekend is the past life regression workshop!
3. I feel some awesome money vibes happening .. abundance, abundance, abundance!

Ok, in conclusion, is it wrong to enjoy the Austin Powers’ movies so much? I swear, my sense of humour is usually SO far from this. Weird!