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i can take a hint!

Your Week Ahead: We are all time-travellers because we are all travelling through time. We are, though, all travelling at the same speed – and in the same direction. Sharp angles to your ruler now, from the Sun and Mars, suggest that though you cannot change events that have already taken place, you can have a powerful impact on a future that’s still to unfold. The key to changing tomorrow is to go back to yesterday – reviewing and re-evaluating, your relationship with a formative experience. See that differently and you’ll set yourself free from a problem!

Good fortune often seems to be just like the tide. It rolls into a person’s life, then it rolls right back out again. Naturally enough, we all prefer life, when the tide is ‘in’ – but there are some things you can only do successfully when that tide is out. Like using a spade to dig little pools and gullies for example. You have done your best, recently, to cope with a prolonged, dry phase. Soon, though, wherever there’s a gap, it will be filled. Now’s not the time then to be meeting a need with whatever will fit the space. It’s the time to be creating the right spaces and trusting that good things will come into them.


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