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i can take a hint!

Your Week Ahead: We are all time-travellers because we are all travelling through time. We are, though, all travelling at the same speed – and in the same direction. Sharp angles to your ruler now, from the Sun and Mars, suggest that though you cannot change events that have already taken place, you can have a powerful impact on a future that’s still to unfold. The key to changing tomorrow is to go back to yesterday – reviewing and re-evaluating, your relationship with a formative experience. See that differently and you’ll set yourself free from a problem!

Good fortune often seems to be just like the tide. It rolls into a person’s life, then it rolls right back out again. Naturally enough, we all prefer life, when the tide is ‘in’ – but there are some things you can only do successfully when that tide is out. Like using a spade to dig little pools and gullies for example. You have done your best, recently, to cope with a prolonged, dry phase. Soon, though, wherever there’s a gap, it will be filled. Now’s not the time then to be meeting a need with whatever will fit the space. It’s the time to be creating the right spaces and trusting that good things will come into them.


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short weeks are good

What comes next? You’ve got an idea, but you have not got a plan or, at least, not one that involves much more than a tentative step into unknown territory. You want a map, a schedule or a frame of reference. How, though, can you create such a thing until you have first wandered around for a while? Much of the tension you have been experiencing over the last few weeks will ease up soon. It will then be possible to be much more decisive. But if you make your mind up too swiftly, you may rule out a potentially useful, even ideal, option through an unfounded fear or prejudice.

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Jesus, Joseph & Mary, that was the week from hell :( I’m not going to give it any more power by rehashing it. Suffice it to say, my immediate workplace is toxic. Not news.

The horoscope for this week is hilarious, given the sitch. I REALLY like Part II:

Your Week Ahead: Exasperated? Of course you are. Just look at what (and who) you’ve got to deal with. It’s enough to test anyone’s patience. Why are you in such a compromising position? Perhaps because you need to look more closely at your own reluctance to compromise. You have very high standards. You hate having to settle for anything less than the best. There is nothing wrong with this – apart from the fact that, sometimes, it prevents you from being realistic. Certain people won’t ever change. Certain situations will change, but not in a hurry. This week, make the most of whatever you can’t yet alter.

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: Take your shoes off. You don’t need them now. Symbolically speaking, that is. It is safe for you to ‘travel barefoot’. You don’t need protection or elevation, you can feel free to walk through the world in a simple state of sincerity and can expect to be respected and protected. Indeed, you will do better approaching all your problems in this way than wading into them wearing armour. It is not force that’s needed; it is the opposite. Sensitivity. Show some. Share some. Even if you aren’t getting any back from elsewhere, it doesn’t matter. Somehow, your kindness will win whatever is needed.

On a happier note, today was XANADU!! I really had to get over that they were taking the absolute piss out of my favourite movie .. but once I did, I giggled my way through the rest of the show. Lots of music, colour and rollerskates. Awesome!

Three good stuffs:
1. I’ll be picking up my car this week, all things going according to plan. Yay! I am so grateful to have use of my sister’s old car, but I’ll be so pleased to have my striped baby back.
2. Next weekend is the past life regression workshop!
3. I feel some awesome money vibes happening .. abundance, abundance, abundance!

Ok, in conclusion, is it wrong to enjoy the Austin Powers’ movies so much? I swear, my sense of humour is usually SO far from this. Weird!

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Your Week Ahead: What’s the difference between being persistent and being pushy? It’s like the distinction between a seduction and a stalking. Everybody likes to feel that an interesting invitation is open for them to explore if they wish. Nobody wants to feel as if they are being pursued and imposed upon. You now have something exceptional to offer. Understandably, you are keen to play your part in an important process. If, though, you have already volunteered, then you have registered your interest. You need say and do no more. Just trust, and wait. What you are looking for will come looking for you.

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: Whenever computers are asked to do two, mutually incompatible tasks, their screens freeze up and they show an error message. Humans operate differently. The greater their dilemma, the more they keep running through the same old routines and try to act as if all is fine. It is as if there’s now a conflict in your celestial software. You keep wanting to brake and accelerate at the same time. Overcome this before you drive yourself into a frenzy. If you have to wait for something, wait with good grace. After a quick restart, it will be ‘all systems go’ again.

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Your Week Ahead: Mars, as you may already know, is in your sign. Hence the energy at your disposal: the restlessness you feel, the desire you’re almost consumed by, the anger you’re experiencing, the passion you’re feeling and the stamina you’re manifesting. Mars is a planet we associate with success, victory and conquest. It’s a planet of war. It governs campaigns, battles even wars. Soldiers are ruled by Mars, as are sports people. Mars gives courage but also makes us very aware of the need to overcome fear. This week brings a challenge you simply must rise to. And you will. Well!

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: Have you ever taken a toddler to a funfair? Several rides involve little cars that go round on a track in a circle. Their every move is controlled by a central mechanism, yet the vehicles are fitted with steering wheels and horns. The kids twist and turn these controls with great enthusiasm – convinced they are really driving. They climb off glowing with pride at the skill they have shown! Your journey round the wheel of life is going through a phase like this. You are being taken care of, whether you know it or not. And you are en route to a fine destination, whether you can see it or not.

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Boy. is it HOT! One of the very few scorching hot days we’ve had this Summer. It’s been one of the coolest Summer’s we’ve had in my memory. Crazy weather .. I’ve got the blanket I wrap around my feet on cold nights sitting atop the fan I use when it’s hot. I’m alternating regularly between the two.

I stayed at my mum’s place last night. Another of my “things I’m doing more of in 2011′. She suffers from severe depression and I have resentment issues with her. A normal mother-daughter relationship, no? :) Anyway, I love her and I want her to feel better and if spending more time with her does that, then I can manage it. I enjoy it for the most part. She has THE best shower in the world .. plus, her view of the stars out in the backyard is phenomenal. I used to laze on the swing out there with my pup .. staring up at the stars in the sky. I miss him. I took her to lunch and a movie today. We saw ‘Black Swan’. It was the “intense” everyone said it was .. I didn’t really enjoy it though. It was different, I’ll give it that. But the last five minutes were appalling. If there is one thing I can’t handle about american cinema it’s the schmaltz. Cheesiness. I just can’t do it. And the last five minutes of Black Swan are revoltingly cheesy. Natalie Portman was lovely .. as was Mila Kunis. Awesome actresses. In all, a fairly decent movie, just not that enjoyable.

A movie I saw in the last week or so that I TRULY enjoyed was ‘Dispicable Me’. I let mum take my nieces to see it at the movies because it didn’t look particularly good on the ads .. but I saw it on DVD at my sister’s place .. and I LOVED it! Amusing, great graphics, interesting story. Excellent flick!

So .. what else good happened this week?…. Oh! I applied for a job this week. I believe it closes in a week or so, so I won’t hear back for a while, but I’m all fingers crossed for an interview. It’s in Geelong, so it would mean a move – which is fantastic. I’m a nomad at heart and I tend to gypsy my way around Melbourne fairly regularly. It’s been two and a half years here, so it’s about that time.

I’m doing my gym assessment tomorrow night. I’ll be glad to get moving on that. I have to wrap my head around the concept of “beneficial use of time”. I have it somewhere in my head that if I don’t have a certain amount of couch time at night then i won’t feel like I’ve rested. This is clearly, a load of crap. Couch time is WASTED time. I need to keep reminding myself of that.

Right. So. Time for bed. I’m hoping the exercise thing will jolt my sleeping patterns back into whack. I used to have it down beautifully! I know I can do it again. Sleep is more important than I give it credit for most of the time.

With Mars in your sign, you’re feeling a great urge to replace talk with action and theory with practice. That’s not just an appropriate impulse… it’s an essential one.

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The Sun and Mars arrive back in your sign this week so you’re going to have more staying power to chase your dreams that you’ve had in about two years. But beware that it will be an intense week and Mars is an intense planet with a very bad temper! Try not to allow the energies to see you boiling over when staying cool would probably serve you a lot better. If you’re angry, do some exercise!

Hm. If the blowout argument I had with my boss on Friday afternoon is any indication of the upcoming week, I’m going to be an exercising FIEND.

How long ago was the Big Bang? What was there before it? What happened to all the anti-matter? Scientists love to debate such questions. Yet they don’t have answers and explanations that are any more convincing than those offered up by the world’s various religions. We are, though, all entitled to believe what we want to believe… as long as those beliefs do no harm to others. IS your life now being shaped and even squashed by someone else’s very rigid belief about what’s right, what’s wrong and what needs to happen next? You are entitled to question this and even rebel!

My stars this week really are pointing to a bit of an eventful week. I am ready for a new job. I am ready to feel good about my workplace. I am ready to leave behind the childish behaviour I have to deal with from my boss – the know-it-all, rude attitude. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to not feel anxious or depressed going to work everyday. Which is no way to live 5 out of the 7 days of one’s week.

Love Focus: We all want, or think we want, a peaceful life. We want things to go smoothly. We don’t want stress, conflict or drama. Just prosperity and contentment. Er… don’t we? It’s a funny thing really, but we have a strange, love/hate relationship with tension. In one way, we like it when issues are unresolved or unreasonable situations are developing. We get excited. A challenge – just as long as it is one we stand a half decent chance of rising to – is almost a promising prospect. Coming events may create quite a bit of upheaval and require you to think fast on your feet. You’ll love (almost) every minute.

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