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Hot guy alert!

Dot Points:

The question is not “whats the meaning of life” but “Whats the meaning of YOUR LIFE” – Unknown

I like that :)

My friend’s 30th tonight – lots of fun, but an early one as I’m up early tomorrow morning for the Brian Weiss workshop. I’m SO excited!

Every cell in my body is aching due to a personal trainer session this morning .. hurts so good.

Daylight savings ends tonight (boooo) ..

I’ve been playing ‘words with friends’ with a particular person for the last couple of days. We talk crap back and forth, so we just keep re-matching. He’s hilarious and I thoroughly enjoy talking to him. Also, i whip his arse, game-wise. Annnnyway, he asked me to send a photo of myself so he can see who he’s playing .. I did. And then he sent a photo of himself ….
He’s hot. Damn hot!!!! The pose was so hot, it makes my eyes water.
Words with friends just got funner :p


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the only one here now is me

“You got kicked. By a kick.”

-Ken Shamrock, mixed martial arts fighter

This was today’s “stupid quote” from my desk calendar – it had me giggling the entire day.

I’ve been trying to get to the posting stage here all week long. Every single night, the second I turn my computer off, I think of it. DOH! I’ve been so good this week, eating well, exercising and getting sleep. YAY ME! Today was a bust – out tonight with a galfriend – movie and dinner. There was no gym after work and dinner .. well, yes. A bust. But that’s ok because I was 4 for 4 up until .. I figure if I can get 5 good food and exercise days in per week, I’m winning. Tomorrow will be fine, so I’m feeling very pleased with myself!

We saw ‘The King’s Speech’ tonight – watch out, I’m about to get all gushy – LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!! Amazing story, beautifully written, so much heart! amazing actors, funny, captivating .. such an amazing movie. AMAZING!

It’s time for bed. It’s taken me over 2 hours to get through this post. I’ve been Face-stalking .. shameful, I know. Feeling a little melancholy and stalked the ex .. you know the one. The one that broke your heart. Yeh. I used to get very down on myself for *still* having love in my heart for him – until a friend said something to me – so simple – she said ‘aquarians love for life’. I think it’s true. And loving is nothing to be ashamed of.

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One’s ability to stop kidding themselves, is what brings about the greatest breakthroughs, fastest comebacks, and happiest feet.

No goat jokes, please –
The Universe

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