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… first time in a long time i’ve felt in control and happy with myself. all due to going to the gym – which has in turn, made me aware of my eating and sleeping habits. i now realise how hopeless i felt before. tonight i felt proud of myself (another thing i’ve not felt in a long time) because i am doing something for ME. i am already feeling stronger and fitter and i see a light at the end of what has been a dark, dank tunnel.

if i get hit by a bus tomorrow, i’ll be really cross ;p


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Nom nomnom

Vegetable fajitas!

And THE best beverage on the PLANET .. the Wicked Woman

Mexican is my favourite! I took my good friend Sharon to dinner tonight. A thank you for inviting me to spend some time with her at the beach. I had the most wonderful break and I am so grateful for her invitation.

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This is the end result of a little celebration outing for my cousin’s birthday. It was tutti fruitti waffle at Max Brenner …. mmmmm.

In my excitement I forgot to take the before pic.

Mmmmmmm … waffle with chocolate ice cream, strawberries, banana and more chocolate!

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