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Happy Easter, 2011!

I’ve had the most AMAZING Easter break. I went up to Peterborough with my good friend whose sister owns a house there. Three hours from Melbourne .. it may as well be another world away. It’s dairy country, incredibly green and the air is almost drug-like. Being there, I immediately feel relaxed and at ease.

We hardly stopped with the activities, but the pace was our own. We visited the local pub to watch a band, visited the craft markets, went on early morning beach walks with the pup each day, visited Warrnambool – a nearby major town centre, had coffee at the distillery and visited all the local beach site lookouts. I fell in love with Warrnambool. As soon as we drove in, I could see myself living there.

I saw Thor last night with another friend. In 3D! I haven’t seen a 3D movie in the longest time .. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The movie itself was pretty good – nothing to rave about, but enjoyable for the special effects and most importantly, the beefcake in the form of Australian boy (Melbourne, even!), Chris Hemsworth :p

It feels unnatural being back here and thinking about work tomorrow. I suppose everyone feels that way after a lovely break :)

So what’s new, huh? Funny you should ask! It feels like everything has changed since I last wrote.

The most present change is that my cousin has moved into my house. She was unable to remain living where she was (with her partner, more specifically) and she needed a home urgently. I live with my kitties in a large, 3 bedroom home and so there it was. I’m not going to paint it up all pretty – I’m not entirely comfortable with the arrangement. I think I’ve lived too long on my own. But as I said to my sister, who thinks I’m being unreasonable, I choose to live on my own. I pay for myself and my lifestyle on my own. I’m happy to offer my home as “emergency accommodation” but I don’t want to live with someone on a permanent basis.

On a happier note, I reconnected with a high school friend a week or so ago and found what I think is going to be an important person in my life, in her husband. He’s a psychic and a Kabbalah scholar. The long and the short of it is, he wants to mentor me. He said that he sees a powerful psychic in me. Me! It’s been an amazing couple of weeks, to say the least. I look forward to what comes.


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lucky day

Like my friend said today – we are truly, very lucky. I’ve been extremely attuned to the disaster in Japan as I have four very good friends over there at the moment. Three of them have decided just last night, to come home (thank goodness). All of it has just brought home the fact that your world can turn upside down on a dime .. and I feel very lucky to have my family and myself safe and well.

Today was lucky for me in lots of little ways. My neighbour brought my bin in for me, my lawns were mowed and my parcel was delivered exactly when my lawns were being mowed, so they signed for the package (meaning no waiting to get down to the post office!).

It’s the little things :)

oh! and look who i found on my front porch this morning:

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