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The Sun and Mars arrive back in your sign this week so you’re going to have more staying power to chase your dreams that you’ve had in about two years. But beware that it will be an intense week and Mars is an intense planet with a very bad temper! Try not to allow the energies to see you boiling over when staying cool would probably serve you a lot better. If you’re angry, do some exercise!

Hm. If the blowout argument I had with my boss on Friday afternoon is any indication of the upcoming week, I’m going to be an exercising FIEND.

How long ago was the Big Bang? What was there before it? What happened to all the anti-matter? Scientists love to debate such questions. Yet they don’t have answers and explanations that are any more convincing than those offered up by the world’s various religions. We are, though, all entitled to believe what we want to believe… as long as those beliefs do no harm to others. IS your life now being shaped and even squashed by someone else’s very rigid belief about what’s right, what’s wrong and what needs to happen next? You are entitled to question this and even rebel!

My stars this week really are pointing to a bit of an eventful week. I am ready for a new job. I am ready to feel good about my workplace. I am ready to leave behind the childish behaviour I have to deal with from my boss – the know-it-all, rude attitude. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to not feel anxious or depressed going to work everyday. Which is no way to live 5 out of the 7 days of one’s week.

Love Focus: We all want, or think we want, a peaceful life. We want things to go smoothly. We don’t want stress, conflict or drama. Just prosperity and contentment. Er… don’t we? It’s a funny thing really, but we have a strange, love/hate relationship with tension. In one way, we like it when issues are unresolved or unreasonable situations are developing. We get excited. A challenge – just as long as it is one we stand a half decent chance of rising to – is almost a promising prospect. Coming events may create quite a bit of upheaval and require you to think fast on your feet. You’ll love (almost) every minute.


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It is in my nature to be extremely procrastinatory! Is that even a word? Whatever! I PROCRASTINATE. A LOT!

This year, I resolve to not procrastinate as much as I possible can. Or can’t .. um. You know what I mean!

I got a notice from the power company yesterday in the mail, informing me of some rate rises. I don’t usually look at these letters – I figure, I have to pay someone to supply me with gas and electricity and most companies charge similar amounts. Well, for whatever reason, I opened the letter and read. And was APPALLED! Phenomenal rises!! The first thing that crossed my mind was ‘must change suppliers’ and the second thing that crossed my mind was ‘DON’T PROCRASTINATE!’. The universe, it turned out, didn’t let me!

Ten minutes after arriving home from work, there was a knock at the door. Door-to-door power company sales people. Usually I quickly say ‘thanks, but no’ and close the door. That’s even if I open the door to begin with. Plus, I always get a skeevy kind of vibe from these people. This time it was different. Lovely young guy .. answered all my questions, was polite, upfront and genuinely engaged.

This time, the universe didn’t wait for me to act .. it provided for me. I’m going to carry that thought with me .. everything I need will be provided to me easily and immediately.

Universe … are you listening? .. The perfect job for me, please! A tall, broad-shouldered hottie who is super-sweet on me wouldn’t go astray, either! ;p

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