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the only one here now is me

“You got kicked. By a kick.”

-Ken Shamrock, mixed martial arts fighter

This was today’s “stupid quote” from my desk calendar – it had me giggling the entire day.

I’ve been trying to get to the posting stage here all week long. Every single night, the second I turn my computer off, I think of it. DOH! I’ve been so good this week, eating well, exercising and getting sleep. YAY ME! Today was a bust – out tonight with a galfriend – movie and dinner. There was no gym after work and dinner .. well, yes. A bust. But that’s ok because I was 4 for 4 up until .. I figure if I can get 5 good food and exercise days in per week, I’m winning. Tomorrow will be fine, so I’m feeling very pleased with myself!

We saw ‘The King’s Speech’ tonight – watch out, I’m about to get all gushy – LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!! Amazing story, beautifully written, so much heart! amazing actors, funny, captivating .. such an amazing movie. AMAZING!

It’s time for bed. It’s taken me over 2 hours to get through this post. I’ve been Face-stalking .. shameful, I know. Feeling a little melancholy and stalked the ex .. you know the one. The one that broke your heart. Yeh. I used to get very down on myself for *still* having love in my heart for him – until a friend said something to me – so simple – she said ‘aquarians love for life’. I think it’s true. And loving is nothing to be ashamed of.


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My sister, her family and I took my mum and cousin to dinner and a movie last night. My brother-in-law took my two nieces to see ‘Tangled’, while my sister, mum, cousin and I saw ‘Burlesque’.

Cher was, as usual, beautiful and a brilliant actress. Christine Aguilera has a powerful voice – not one that appeals to me particularly, but obviously fantastic. Eric Dane was as delicious as ever, Kristin Bell unusually dramatic and Stanley Tucci, amazing. The movie was all razzle dazzle with a decent storyline .. the dancing was mesmerising! It certainly wasn’t my choice of movie, but fun nonetheless.

It was a great night out with my family!

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