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Happy Easter, 2011!

I’ve had the most AMAZING Easter break. I went up to Peterborough with my good friend whose sister owns a house there. Three hours from Melbourne .. it may as well be another world away. It’s dairy country, incredibly green and the air is almost drug-like. Being there, I immediately feel relaxed and at ease.

We hardly stopped with the activities, but the pace was our own. We visited the local pub to watch a band, visited the craft markets, went on early morning beach walks with the pup each day, visited Warrnambool – a nearby major town centre, had coffee at the distillery and visited all the local beach site lookouts. I fell in love with Warrnambool. As soon as we drove in, I could see myself living there.

I saw Thor last night with another friend. In 3D! I haven’t seen a 3D movie in the longest time .. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The movie itself was pretty good – nothing to rave about, but enjoyable for the special effects and most importantly, the beefcake in the form of Australian boy (Melbourne, even!), Chris Hemsworth :p

It feels unnatural being back here and thinking about work tomorrow. I suppose everyone feels that way after a lovely break :)

So what’s new, huh? Funny you should ask! It feels like everything has changed since I last wrote.

The most present change is that my cousin has moved into my house. She was unable to remain living where she was (with her partner, more specifically) and she needed a home urgently. I live with my kitties in a large, 3 bedroom home and so there it was. I’m not going to paint it up all pretty – I’m not entirely comfortable with the arrangement. I think I’ve lived too long on my own. But as I said to my sister, who thinks I’m being unreasonable, I choose to live on my own. I pay for myself and my lifestyle on my own. I’m happy to offer my home as “emergency accommodation” but I don’t want to live with someone on a permanent basis.

On a happier note, I reconnected with a high school friend a week or so ago and found what I think is going to be an important person in my life, in her husband. He’s a psychic and a Kabbalah scholar. The long and the short of it is, he wants to mentor me. He said that he sees a powerful psychic in me. Me! It’s been an amazing couple of weeks, to say the least. I look forward to what comes.


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Boy. is it HOT! One of the very few scorching hot days we’ve had this Summer. It’s been one of the coolest Summer’s we’ve had in my memory. Crazy weather .. I’ve got the blanket I wrap around my feet on cold nights sitting atop the fan I use when it’s hot. I’m alternating regularly between the two.

I stayed at my mum’s place last night. Another of my “things I’m doing more of in 2011′. She suffers from severe depression and I have resentment issues with her. A normal mother-daughter relationship, no? :) Anyway, I love her and I want her to feel better and if spending more time with her does that, then I can manage it. I enjoy it for the most part. She has THE best shower in the world .. plus, her view of the stars out in the backyard is phenomenal. I used to laze on the swing out there with my pup .. staring up at the stars in the sky. I miss him. I took her to lunch and a movie today. We saw ‘Black Swan’. It was the “intense” everyone said it was .. I didn’t really enjoy it though. It was different, I’ll give it that. But the last five minutes were appalling. If there is one thing I can’t handle about american cinema it’s the schmaltz. Cheesiness. I just can’t do it. And the last five minutes of Black Swan are revoltingly cheesy. Natalie Portman was lovely .. as was Mila Kunis. Awesome actresses. In all, a fairly decent movie, just not that enjoyable.

A movie I saw in the last week or so that I TRULY enjoyed was ‘Dispicable Me’. I let mum take my nieces to see it at the movies because it didn’t look particularly good on the ads .. but I saw it on DVD at my sister’s place .. and I LOVED it! Amusing, great graphics, interesting story. Excellent flick!

So .. what else good happened this week?…. Oh! I applied for a job this week. I believe it closes in a week or so, so I won’t hear back for a while, but I’m all fingers crossed for an interview. It’s in Geelong, so it would mean a move – which is fantastic. I’m a nomad at heart and I tend to gypsy my way around Melbourne fairly regularly. It’s been two and a half years here, so it’s about that time.

I’m doing my gym assessment tomorrow night. I’ll be glad to get moving on that. I have to wrap my head around the concept of “beneficial use of time”. I have it somewhere in my head that if I don’t have a certain amount of couch time at night then i won’t feel like I’ve rested. This is clearly, a load of crap. Couch time is WASTED time. I need to keep reminding myself of that.

Right. So. Time for bed. I’m hoping the exercise thing will jolt my sleeping patterns back into whack. I used to have it down beautifully! I know I can do it again. Sleep is more important than I give it credit for most of the time.

With Mars in your sign, you’re feeling a great urge to replace talk with action and theory with practice. That’s not just an appropriate impulse… it’s an essential one.

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Fernwood, for the non-australians, is a chain of gyms specifically for women. In honour of my 2011 “determinations” (not resolutions), I joined the gym! Again!

I was a part of the fernwood family a couple of years back – when i was a healthier version of myself. I was what one might call a “gym-bunny”. I worked out at least 5 times a week (plus i swam as many times again) and I was a happy, healthy little vegemite.

I had a bit of a relationship-breakup-breakdown in 2005 and i took a nosedive into what i realise now, was a severe depression. I completely and utterly lost any interest in maintaining even a semblence of health. I over-ate and under-exercised. Actually, when I say “lost interest”, i guess it would be more accurate to say i didn’t have the capacity. I was in a dark place.

It’s only been about a year since the fog lifted. I know it’s an awfully long time to have let a relationship breakdown “rule” one’s life, and I truly am embarrassed it took me over for that long, but I can’t beat myself up for it. It was what it was. The main thing is now. Right now.

Right now, I’m ok. I’m not in shape and I’m over-weight, but I’m ok. I am able to recognise that I need to get back to health. I’ve actually been a member of a local gym for a year. It’s one associated with my work and it’s for men and women. I never thought I would be the type of person to mind going to a gym for both sexes, but it turns out i do! Mostly it’s because it’s full of muscle-headed guys who hog the weights machines for hours at a time. Whatever the case, I really enjoyed fernwood back in the day, so i’m going to go back to what i know.

My assessment is a week from Monday. I’ve lined up a “gym-buddy” and I’m ready to go!

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brian weiss workshop

I am eagerly anticipating this workshop … April will be here in no time at all. I really want to do the Toni Reilly 3 day workshop, too .. but 800$ odd is probably too steep. I’m still thinking about it.

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The Sun and Mars arrive back in your sign this week so you’re going to have more staying power to chase your dreams that you’ve had in about two years. But beware that it will be an intense week and Mars is an intense planet with a very bad temper! Try not to allow the energies to see you boiling over when staying cool would probably serve you a lot better. If you’re angry, do some exercise!

Hm. If the blowout argument I had with my boss on Friday afternoon is any indication of the upcoming week, I’m going to be an exercising FIEND.

How long ago was the Big Bang? What was there before it? What happened to all the anti-matter? Scientists love to debate such questions. Yet they don’t have answers and explanations that are any more convincing than those offered up by the world’s various religions. We are, though, all entitled to believe what we want to believe… as long as those beliefs do no harm to others. IS your life now being shaped and even squashed by someone else’s very rigid belief about what’s right, what’s wrong and what needs to happen next? You are entitled to question this and even rebel!

My stars this week really are pointing to a bit of an eventful week. I am ready for a new job. I am ready to feel good about my workplace. I am ready to leave behind the childish behaviour I have to deal with from my boss – the know-it-all, rude attitude. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to not feel anxious or depressed going to work everyday. Which is no way to live 5 out of the 7 days of one’s week.

Love Focus: We all want, or think we want, a peaceful life. We want things to go smoothly. We don’t want stress, conflict or drama. Just prosperity and contentment. Er… don’t we? It’s a funny thing really, but we have a strange, love/hate relationship with tension. In one way, we like it when issues are unresolved or unreasonable situations are developing. We get excited. A challenge – just as long as it is one we stand a half decent chance of rising to – is almost a promising prospect. Coming events may create quite a bit of upheaval and require you to think fast on your feet. You’ll love (almost) every minute.

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A little bit closer

I promised myself to start walking. I decided today would be the first day. No excuses. And I walked. It was great in the end and slightly uncomfortable throughout. I’m a little bit proud of myself because it was pelting down with rain and I still went. Yay me! The test will be tomorrow night, of course. And perhaps the next .. and next .. and next. I want to say I am “trying” but really, it’s true what they say – there is no “trying”. There is “doing” and “not doing”.

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It is in my nature to be extremely procrastinatory! Is that even a word? Whatever! I PROCRASTINATE. A LOT!

This year, I resolve to not procrastinate as much as I possible can. Or can’t .. um. You know what I mean!

I got a notice from the power company yesterday in the mail, informing me of some rate rises. I don’t usually look at these letters – I figure, I have to pay someone to supply me with gas and electricity and most companies charge similar amounts. Well, for whatever reason, I opened the letter and read. And was APPALLED! Phenomenal rises!! The first thing that crossed my mind was ‘must change suppliers’ and the second thing that crossed my mind was ‘DON’T PROCRASTINATE!’. The universe, it turned out, didn’t let me!

Ten minutes after arriving home from work, there was a knock at the door. Door-to-door power company sales people. Usually I quickly say ‘thanks, but no’ and close the door. That’s even if I open the door to begin with. Plus, I always get a skeevy kind of vibe from these people. This time it was different. Lovely young guy .. answered all my questions, was polite, upfront and genuinely engaged.

This time, the universe didn’t wait for me to act .. it provided for me. I’m going to carry that thought with me .. everything I need will be provided to me easily and immediately.

Universe … are you listening? .. The perfect job for me, please! A tall, broad-shouldered hottie who is super-sweet on me wouldn’t go astray, either! ;p

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