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As at 13 January..

Unfortunately, just the beginning.
14 dead
70 missing
11,900 homes inundated
119,000 without power

To put the floods into perspective, a land mass equivalent to close to 1/3 of Europe is under water.

Equivalent of 1/3 Europe is underwater

One story that is breaking everyone’s heart – mine included – is the tragedy of the death of a young boy, Jordan Rice.

Jordan Rice

It is unimaginable the fear this 13 year old boy would have felt as the car he and his family were in was pummelled by a wall of water. But as it began engulfing the vehicle, Jordan, who could not swim himself, insisted his younger brother, Blake, 10, be rescued first. While Blake was rescued, Jordan and his mother, Donna, 43, perished when they were swept away in the flood.

The water is beyond powerful – it’s taking everything in it’s way. The human loss is of course, more than a tragedy, but I can’t bear to think of all the animals that are dying such a horrible death. Unfortunately they are not the priority for the most part and my heart just breaks.

If you can afford to give ANYTHING at all – every single dollar helps – PLEASE give. If you can’t afford it, please keep these people in your prayers and good thoughts.

To give money to the official Queensland Floods Appeal:
Queensland Government
To donate money to help the wildlife:
Animals Australia
To donate money to help the companion animals:
RSPCA Queensland


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