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It is in my nature to be extremely procrastinatory! Is that even a word? Whatever! I PROCRASTINATE. A LOT!

This year, I resolve to not procrastinate as much as I possible can. Or can’t .. um. You know what I mean!

I got a notice from the power company yesterday in the mail, informing me of some rate rises. I don’t usually look at these letters – I figure, I have to pay someone to supply me with gas and electricity and most companies charge similar amounts. Well, for whatever reason, I opened the letter and read. And was APPALLED! Phenomenal rises!! The first thing that crossed my mind was ‘must change suppliers’ and the second thing that crossed my mind was ‘DON’T PROCRASTINATE!’. The universe, it turned out, didn’t let me!

Ten minutes after arriving home from work, there was a knock at the door. Door-to-door power company sales people. Usually I quickly say ‘thanks, but no’ and close the door. That’s even if I open the door to begin with. Plus, I always get a skeevy kind of vibe from these people. This time it was different. Lovely young guy .. answered all my questions, was polite, upfront and genuinely engaged.

This time, the universe didn’t wait for me to act .. it provided for me. I’m going to carry that thought with me .. everything I need will be provided to me easily and immediately.

Universe … are you listening? .. The perfect job for me, please! A tall, broad-shouldered hottie who is super-sweet on me wouldn’t go astray, either! ;p


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