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Boy. is it HOT! One of the very few scorching hot days we’ve had this Summer. It’s been one of the coolest Summer’s we’ve had in my memory. Crazy weather .. I’ve got the blanket I wrap around my feet on cold nights sitting atop the fan I use when it’s hot. I’m alternating regularly between the two.

I stayed at my mum’s place last night. Another of my “things I’m doing more of in 2011′. She suffers from severe depression and I have resentment issues with her. A normal mother-daughter relationship, no? :) Anyway, I love her and I want her to feel better and if spending more time with her does that, then I can manage it. I enjoy it for the most part. She has THE best shower in the world .. plus, her view of the stars out in the backyard is phenomenal. I used to laze on the swing out there with my pup .. staring up at the stars in the sky. I miss him. I took her to lunch and a movie today. We saw ‘Black Swan’. It was the “intense” everyone said it was .. I didn’t really enjoy it though. It was different, I’ll give it that. But the last five minutes were appalling. If there is one thing I can’t handle about american cinema it’s the schmaltz. Cheesiness. I just can’t do it. And the last five minutes of Black Swan are revoltingly cheesy. Natalie Portman was lovely .. as was Mila Kunis. Awesome actresses. In all, a fairly decent movie, just not that enjoyable.

A movie I saw in the last week or so that I TRULY enjoyed was ‘Dispicable Me’. I let mum take my nieces to see it at the movies because it didn’t look particularly good on the ads .. but I saw it on DVD at my sister’s place .. and I LOVED it! Amusing, great graphics, interesting story. Excellent flick!

So .. what else good happened this week?…. Oh! I applied for a job this week. I believe it closes in a week or so, so I won’t hear back for a while, but I’m all fingers crossed for an interview. It’s in Geelong, so it would mean a move – which is fantastic. I’m a nomad at heart and I tend to gypsy my way around Melbourne fairly regularly. It’s been two and a half years here, so it’s about that time.

I’m doing my gym assessment tomorrow night. I’ll be glad to get moving on that. I have to wrap my head around the concept of “beneficial use of time”. I have it somewhere in my head that if I don’t have a certain amount of couch time at night then i won’t feel like I’ve rested. This is clearly, a load of crap. Couch time is WASTED time. I need to keep reminding myself of that.

Right. So. Time for bed. I’m hoping the exercise thing will jolt my sleeping patterns back into whack. I used to have it down beautifully! I know I can do it again. Sleep is more important than I give it credit for most of the time.

With Mars in your sign, you’re feeling a great urge to replace talk with action and theory with practice. That’s not just an appropriate impulse… it’s an essential one.


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This woman is wow!

This is Justine Electra – Killalady. I came across her via the tv show ‘The L Word’ a few years ago .. she is AMAZING! This is not her clip (couldn’t find it), so just focus on the listening and not on the visual, k?


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In the mood for a bit of Cheap Trick .. If you want my love ….

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